Meeting Minutes

City Council Minutes

February 23, 2021
5:30 P.M.

PRESENT:   Ahrenholtz, Jackson, Sloan, Wetrich, Zmolek
ABSENT:     None

Meeting was held at City Hall with Mayor Gordon, Councilman Ahrenholtz Jackson, Sloan, Wetrich and Zmolek present. Via invite on electronic Zoom application was necessary due to the State of Iowa Governor issuing a State Public Disaster Emergency Proclamation. The Disaster Emergency was due to the 2019 Novel Coronavirus.

No citizens spoke during Open Forum.

On motion by Sloan, second by Jackson, the Council approved the following consent agenda: February 9, 2021 Council Minutes, approval of Jefferson Community Golf Course, Class C Liquor License.

AYE:    Ahrenholtz, Jackson, Sloan, Wetrich, Zmolek
NAY:    None

This was the time and place for the Public Hearing for the General Obligation Loan Agreement in amount not to exceed $400,000 for the purpose of financing an animal shelter. Mayor Gordon called for oral or written comments and there were none. On motion by Sloan, second by Wetrich, the Council closed the Public Hearing.

AYE:    Zmolek, Wetrich, Sloan, Jackson, Ahrenholtz  
NAY:   None

                                                RESOLTUION NO. 13-21

On motion by Jackson, second by Sloan, the Council approved Resolution No. 13-21, a resolution Expressing intent to enter into General Obligation Loan Agreement related to financing an animal shelter.

AYE:   Jackson, Sloan, Wetrich, Zmolek, Ahrenholtz
NAY:   None

On motion by Sloan, second by Zmolek, the Council approved professional service agreement with Bolton and Menk for Preparation of Water Treatment Facility Preliminary Engineering Report for a fee amount of $43,200.00.

AYE:    Ahrenholtz, Zmolek, Sloan, Wetrich, Jackson
NAY:   None

On motion by Zmolek, second by Wetrich, the Council approved hiring Nicholas Johnson as Police Officer for Jefferson Police Department at a salary of $47,321/yr effective February 24, 2021.

AYE:    Jackson, Wetrich, Sloan, Ahrenholtz, Zmolek
NAY:   None

On motion by Wetrich, second by Ahrenholtz, the Council approved hiring Micah Destival as Golf Course Manager at $3,440.00 a month for 10 months effective March 1, 2021.

AYE:    Sloan, Wetrich, Ahrenholtz, Zmolek, Jackson
NAY:   None

On motion by Sloan, second by Ahrenholtz, the Council approved the following Mayor/Council appointments:

Roxanne Gorsuch              City Clerk/Treasurer
David F. Morain                  City Attorney
James D. Leiding, P.E.      City Engineer
City Health Officer             Vacant
Darren Jackson                 Park and Recreation Board
Matt Wetrich                      Park and Recreation Board


AYE:   Jackson, Sloan, Ahrenholtz, Wetrich, Zmolek
NAY:   None

Ken Paxton, GCDC Director updated the Council on Greene County Development Company activity. On motion by Ahrenholtz, second by Wetrich, the Council approved the quarterly payment of $12,500.00 to GCDC.

AYE:   Zmolek, Ahrenholtz, Sloan, Jackson, Wetrich
NAY:   None

The quarterly report with Jefferson Matters: A Main Street & Chamber Community was held to update the Council on activities.

There being no further business the Council agreed to adjourn at 6:02 p.m.

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