Street, Sanitation, Recycling Dept.

Street & Sanitation Department

Street and Sanitation Superintendent
David Teeples 
305 E. Head Street 
Jefferson, IA 50129
515-386-4671 (f)

Hours Available:
Monday through Friday

7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. - Street Department

6 a.m. to 2 p.m. - Sanitation Department

The Street Department has four employees and is responsible for all street maintenance including street sweeping; patching; traffic signs; paint striping and markings; equipment maintenance and repair; removal of dead or diseased trees in the city right of way; in addition to snow and ice removal and mosquito control.

Traffic Division

The Traffic Operations Division is responsible for the placement of the necessary traffic signs, traffic signals, informational signs, banners, and temporary traffic controls needed for parades, special events, or as requested by the police department. This division is also responsible for the painting of the traffic control lines, cross walks, parking stalls and handicap parking decal placement in the respective parking spaces.

Sanitation Department 

515-386-8260 - The Sanitation Department is operated by three employees and provides garbage pickup five days a week. The city is divided into four sections with each section being pickup on their own day. This department also provides yardwaste, appliance, and e-waste pickup on the same day as your garbage pickup. This department also helps in street department functions. Dumpster rentals are available, on a temporary rental basis, by calling City Hall at 515-386-3111.

Spring/Fall Clean-up

Each year the city has a spring and fall clean-up to get rid of those unsightly items that accumulate on our properties each year. The regular fees are charged for appliances and e-waste. Due to the landfill fees that apply, appliances and e-waste can be set out at the curb on your normal garbage collection day.

What is E-Waste?

Computer mouse, circuit board, CD-rom drive, hard drive, keyboard, pair of speakers, cellular phone, pager, external modem, external drive, network hub or router, laptop battery, telephone, CPU for desktop computer, VCR, typewriter, TV, and fax machine just to name a few.

Recycle Department

515-386-3252 - This department is operated by one employee. The recyclables are picked up every other week, with the surrounding communities picked up the following week.

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