Boards and Commissions

City Board and Commission Members

Council Member Committees

  • Council Member Committees Housing Committe: Councilpersons Von Ahsen & Benitz
  • Community Betterment: Councilpersons Teeples & Ahrenholtz
  • Park & Recreation Commission: Councilperson Teeples & Sloan
  • PD/Law Enforcement Entity Board: Councilpersons Ahrenholtz & Sloan
  • Police Dept. Committee: Councilpersons Ahrenholtz & Sloan
  • Wage & Benefit Committee: Councilpersons Von Ahsen & Ahrenholtz
  • Library Board: Councilperson Benitz
  • Water/Sewer Committee: Councilpersons Teeples & Von Ahsen
  • Street Committee: Councilpersons Von Ahsen & Benitz
  • Cemetery Committee: Councilpersons Ahrenholtz & Benitz
  • Airport Commission: Councilpersons Teeples & Benitz (alternate)
  • Animal Shelter/ P.A.W.S.: Councilpersons Ahrenholtz & Sloan
  • Highway #30 Coalition: Councilperson Teeples
  • Hotel/Motel Tax: Councilpersons Sloan & Teeples
  • Greene County Development Corp: Councilperson Von Ahsen
  • Golf Course: Councilperson Von Ahsen & Teeples
  • Health Officer: Dr. James Gerdes
  • Mayor Pro Tem: Councilperson Ahrenholtz
  • Recycling Agency: Councilperson Sloan
  • Airport Commission: Karen Bossard, Chairman Larry Teeples, Council Rep Dan Benitz, Council Rep (alternate) Steve Harrison Guy Richardson Ryan Stott
  • Planning and Zoning Commission: Vern Foje Jim Unger Dick Pound Guy Richardson Nick Richardson Linda Eighmy
  • Library Board: Dan Benitz, Council Rep Dave Bohnet Jane Martino Rose Olhausen Mike Piepel Shirley Stapleton
  • Board of Adjustments: Kathy Calvert Bill Kendall Amanda Bills Kevin Devilbiss

Park and Recreation Board:

  • Rosemary Hoyt, Chairperson
  • Mary Pedersen, Vice Chairperson
  • Lee Horbach
  • Sam Harding
  • Doug Meinecke
  • Heather Ruzicka
  • Larry Teeples, Council Rep
  • David Sloan, Council Rep

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