City Engineer’s Office

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Responsibilities of the Engineering Department
The primary responsibilities of the city engineer is to perform a variety of technical engineering work to ensure that public and private infrastructure is analyzed, designed, constructed, inspected and managed in accordance with state and federal requirements, city code, policies, standards and regulations. In addition, the city engineer assumes responsibility for:

  • Surveys, Plats and Estimates. The city engineer makes all the necessary surveys, plats, drawings and estimates, together with suitable specifications for all public works when ordered by the council. The city engineer makes all necessary surveys of streets, alleys and public grounds, the lines of which shall be marked in some substantial and permanent manner, and makes a plat of all such surveys which shall be filed in the office of the city engineer together with the usual field notes. All surveys, plats, estimates, and other official documents prepared by the city engineer shall be kept on file in some convenient place and manner, and shall be properly indexed.
  • Street Grades. The city engineer reports a grade for all streets at the time and in the order required by the Council, and when required to report a change in grade of any street, the city engineer shall also report plans and estimates for grading or changing the grade thereof, as the case may be, and shall make a suitable plat or profile of all such surveys and grades to be filed in the city engineer’s office. The city engineer establishes landmarks for surveying or grading the street, by placing stones or other monuments from which grades or surveys may be readily ascertained.
  • Public Improvement Construction. The city engineer supervises the construction of all public improvements when advised by the Council.
  • Public Works. The city engineer is in charge of all public works of the City, whether in the nature of new construction, maintenance or repair, and plans and organizes work programs when directed by the Council or City Administrator.
  • Budget Preparation Data. The city engineer collects figures, data and information, including estimated costs of public works or improvements for the next year, for the purpose of aiding the Council and City Clerk in preparing the budget.
  • Reports to Council. The city engineer makes reports, from time to time, that may be necessary to apprise the Council of the condition of various matters under the city engineer’s department.

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