Building/Zoning & Code Enforcement

Building Inspector’s Office

Chad Stevens
220 N. Chestnut Street
Jefferson, IA 50129
(515) 386-4660
(515) 386-4671 (f)
Available Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.



Responsibilities of the Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer

The Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer is responsible for inspecting all phases of residential, commercial, and industrial construction work for compliance with building, plumbing and mechanical codes, zoning laws and approved plans, local and state ordinances, specifications, and standards. The Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer is also responsible for handling rental housing registrations and inspections, all nuisance complaints and procedures to comply with the zoning laws and approved plans, local and state ordinances, specifications, and standards. Electrical permits and inspections, if needed, are completed by the State of Iowa and contacts can be found on our Link Section.

The following duties are normal for this position. These are not to be construed as exclusive or all inclusive. Other duties may be required and assigned.

  1. Reviews and approves all permit applications (excavation, demolition, fence, sign, building, plumbing, electrical, water and sewer line, driveway/sidewalk, etc.), including determining appropriate fees. Examines site plans, documents, and specifications to determine compliance with applicable codes and ordinances.
  2. Inspects residential, commercial, industrial, and other buildings during and after construction to ensure components such as footings, floor framing, completed framing, chimneys, and stairways meet provisions of building, grading, zoning, safety laws and approved plans, specifications and standards.
  3. Obtains evidence and prepares reports concerning violations which have not been corrected.
  4. Interprets legal requirements and recommends compliance options, materials, and procedures to developers, contractors, craft-workers, and owners. Answers inquiries regarding permits, building code requirements. Listens to and answers questions from the general public, contractors, architects and engineers, researches answers when necessary, and issues verbal and/or written statements in response. Investigates complaints; follows detailed procedures to verify violations or corrections are completed. Forms an opinion as to building stability, including electrical, plumbing and structural soundness. Meets with builders, contractors and property owners to educate on building, zoning, energy, and safety laws.
  5. Maintains accurate inspection records, records fee payments, files all permits and accompanying documentation and prepares reports for use by administration or judicial authorities. Keeps minutes of the public hearings.
  6. Handles rental housing registration and inspection verification. Maintains the database for rental properties. Receives and documents all nuisance complaints and handles nuisance abatements, to the extent possible. Maintains the database for nuisance actions and issues.
  7. Develops materials, procedures, and methods used in daily operations, prepares budgets and forecasts future needs.
  8. Attends necessary meetings and keeps the City Administrator informed of current activities. Serves as a liaison, and coordinates division activities with other departments, agencies, and boards. Makes formal presentation before councils, boards and community groups.

Other Job Duties:

  1. Assists other departments as necessary. Performs other duties or assumes other responsibilities as apparent or assigned.
  2. Provides forms, and copies of various maps and documents. Assures maintenance and updating of the zoning maps.
  3. Coordinates activities with the City’s engineering consultant, other engineering firms, and other City departments as they relate to compliance with requirements of the city, state, and federal regulations.
  4. Attends workshops and seminars, to further develop knowledge, skills, and abilities in order to maintain, enhance, or achieve certification in certain areas of expertise.
  5. Coordinates and completes tax abatement forms.
  6. Assists the police department with licensing of animals, including all responsibilities and procedures.

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