Water Department

Water Meter Division

In 2004 Jefferson updated its meter reading system by adding electronic reading devices to the water meters. We are now able to read 99% of the water meters with this electronic radio transmitter system. Around the 22nd of each month an operator drives the truck-read unit throughout the City. The radio transceiver on the truck-read unit sends a signal which wakes up the MXU transmitters wired to each water meter. Each meter reading is picked up by the truck-read unit and stored on a laptop computer until all of the readings have been completed. It takes 2 to 3 hours to read all the water meters in Jefferson.

The billing software integrates with the reading software and allows the billing clerk to print out the water bills.

Jefferson uses two styles of water meters One style has a small black triangle indicator which is called the leak detector. It registers very small amounts of water flow such as a leak in a toilet. If you have a leak, the small black triangle will be spinning.

The second style of meter has a red dial with markings around it as a leak detector, such as a clock face, which is this meter’s leak detector. It also registers very small amounts of water flow. If you have a leak, the red dial will be moving.