Person playing guitar at Jefferson Reunion Rendezvous

Reunion Rendezvous

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During the Reunion Rendezvous at Bell Tower it was great to have public art on display in the heart of downtown. Public art helped change a space into a place where people could gather. Photos Arts of Greene County

Bell Tower of Fame Award Winners

Bell Tower of Fame Award Winner

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Great day for Bell Tower of Fame Award winner, Charlie Porter and his family to visit the Thomas Jefferson Gardens of Greene County right in the heart of our Main Street district. Congratulations Mr. Porter!

Twisted Bell Tower Graphic

Full Day of Activities Saturday of Bell Tower Festival

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There’s a full day of activities planned for Saturday for the 40th annual Bell Tower Festival. It begins with the Jefferson Firefighter’s Breakfast from 6-10am at the Fire Station. Following that is the Jefferson Parks and Recreation’s Ding-Dong-Dash run/walk at 8, and the new “A Tune for Ten” event is from 9-11am. Bell Tower Festival Chair Pete Russell describes that …