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Public Hearing on Proposed Contract Documents and Estimated Costs for Repair or Improvement. A public hearing will be held by the City of Jefferson on the proposed contract documents (plans, specifications and form of contract) and estimated cost for the improvement at its meeting at 5:30 p.m. on October 25, 2022, at City Hall, 220 N. Chestnut Street, Jefferson, Iowa 50129.
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The work includes the following:
A. Construction of a new cast-in-place concrete lift station with submersible pumps.
B. Construction of a new cast-in-place concrete anoxic tank.
C. Construction of a new wire-wound prestressed concrete sludge storage tank and demolition of the existing sludge storage tank.
D. Construction of a new biosolids loadout building.
E. Renovations to the existing clarifiers, including replacement of existing scum and sludge mechanisms, replacement of existing HVAC, and recoating the interior of each tank.
F. Replacement of pumps, ultraviolet disinfection system, blowers, screening equipment, grit separation equipment, aeration basin diffusers, and valves and piping.
G. Renovations to the existing preliminary treatment building, including recoating of walls and floors, replacement of floor grating, and replacement of the roof.
H. Improvements to existing HVAC and electrical systems.
I. Construction of proposed improvements shall not interrupt the current treatment process or result in a bypass of untreated wastewater.
J. Construction work includes a Bid Alternate for replacement of the ultraviolet disinfection system.
At said hearing, the CITY COUNCIL will consider the plans, specifications, proposed form of contract, and estimated total cost for the project, the same now being on file in the office of the City Clerk, reference to which is made for a more detailed and complete description of the proposed improvements, and at said time and place the said CITY COUNCIL will also receive and consider any objections to said plans, specifications, estimate of cost, and form of contract made by any interested party.