Continuation of Indoor Pool

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The Jefferson Parks and Recreation Commission (also referred to as the “Board”) met on Monday September 19. Ken Hagen from OPN Architects and George Deines from Counsilman-Hunsaker addressed the board remotely and presented their findings from the survey as well as 3 indoor pool options. They also covered the estimated costs of building each pool design and the yearly cost to maintain each pool option. A similar presentation was given at a public meeting on July 21, 2022.

After much discussion among the members of the Board, it was decided that there was enough information presented from OPN Architects and Counsilman-Hunsaker at this time to allow members of the public to take the lead on this project. The Board members felt their role was not to actively lead the project but to support the project if there is sufficient interest from the public to raise further funds for the project.

The original funding from the Autenreith donation of approximately $800,000.00 for the Greene County Community Center will be held for a period of time to allow the development of a fund-raising organization to acquire additional funding.

Conversely, if the community support for the indoor pool does not materialize, the board will entertain other ideas for the use of the Autenreith donation to improve the community services of the Greene County Community Center

The Board looks forward to hearing from and working with individuals and organizations interested in building an indoor pool. Please direct any correspondence concerning the indoor pool to to be passed on to board members.