City of Jefferson Recommendation from the Water and Sewer Committee

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With recommendation from the Water & Sewer committee, The City of Jefferson  will be resuming late fees and collections procedures starting the month of June 2020.

The City Hall has been open to the public since May 18, 2020.  On  July 1, 2020, The water service will be subject to disconnection if the balance has not been paid in full before the date printed on the notice.  If the service is disconnected, a fee of $85 will be assessed to the account.  All past due balance and fees must be paid before  the service will be  reconnected.

If you rent the property, the landlord or their representative will be notified regarding past due balances, fees and disconnections.

Please call Jefferson City Hall, 515-386-3111, if you have any questions.

For a PDF version: Covid 19 Disconnection Notice