City of Jefferson Chipping Brush April 26 through April 28

Jason Uncategorized

The City of Jefferson will be chipping brush April 26th through the 28th on your trash day.  With our chipper, limbs and branches placed for collection at such times shall not exceed 12 inches in diameter or 20 feet in length and shall be placed upon the parking of, and within arm’s reach of the near edge of, the street, with the cut end nearest the street. Please have cut ends to the curb stacked neatly in arm load piles to ensure pick up and for ease in feeding the chipper and safety reasons. The City will also collect bagged and bundled yard waste at the times provided for collection of solid waste under Chapter 106. All yard waste to be collected during these times shall be placed in 30-gallon biodegradable paper bags or bound with twine or string (no wire) in bundles not larger than two feet in diameter by four feet in length, with the weight of any bag or bundle not exceeding 30 pounds. All such bags or bundles must bear a special yard waste sticker purchased from the City.  Weather could be a factor for pick up.  Chipping is for tree trimmings.  WHOLE TREES WILL NOT BE PICKED UP.  After they have gone over the whole town once, the next time they chip will be the week of May 24th through the 26th.

Thank you for your cooperation.

City of Jefferson